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Flies of Contrast!

Sat at the bench today and tied a few flies for opening week here in New Zealand… some I hope to use and other’s I know I may need to use after previous seasons experience!


flies of contrast


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Still playing with my macro lens so had a play with a shot in my wee pop up tent using the black drop sheet and a small mirror…

Pretty happy with the results!

Swap photos-12 Wee nymphs


Amazing how much detail shows in the macro shot, I cleaned the mirror, or so I thought! I did a little spot fixing to tidy up the dust marks that showed up!


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Living by a lake, I always have a range of midge nymphs in my fly box… I have been playing with a way to get a smaller lighter hook for the shallows but keep the bloodworm about 12-15mm (the size of  a sample scoop we did on Lake Dunstan). I have had some hollow red midge tube lying around for a while and something caught my eye on the net that got me tying an extended body version…


Mike flies-5 Mike flies-6


This is a size 18 TMC 2457 hook… I managed a little time on the lake for some field testing last weekend…




I have tweaked the fly a little more since the top picture, I now pull a  stem of a white CDC feather through the tube to create the breathers. I’m sure this isn’t the last midge pattern I’ll tie but just another one to sit in the box for when it’s needed! Funny how flies  have their day, I tie so many flies and go through phases fishing a particular pattern, I’m sure they would all still catch fish but I guess I like a bit of variety in my tying…


Just to add a pic, had a play at crimping the tube with heated forceps to give the body a segmented look after seeing something on the net… I doubt it makes a difference for the trout but makes a pretty cool fly!




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I’m hosting a flyswap on a NZ forum, the swap is for streamers… I don’t fish streamers that often, usually only during winter or if fishing off a boat. I enjoy tying them and have been tying a few for the light salt on our coastal river mouths, it also gives me an excuse to get some new materials to play with. I just got some Congo hair in a range of colours  for tying baitfish… had a wee play this afternoon to try and decide what pattern I’ll use for the swap!


Mike flies-10

Nice material to work with and so many colour combos, I will need to make some time to get to the coast to wet these at some point or a trip overseas maybe. Some nice colour blends for a crab pattern or two also!

Now it’s time to tie a few streamers for the fresh water, I have my new Forty Plus line rigged on my new Hatch reel, just need to find a leader and set to go!


Hatch reel


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Over a month since I last posted, no surprise I haven’t gone for a fish as the weather packed it in for nearly all of May… I’m sure there was fishing somewhere but I wasn’t in the mood to go out. I have been busy setting up my business, back building and drawing plans… loving it! I must admit, the body is taking a little convincing, after the last 3+ years at a desk, I’m starting to feel fitter again.


Now that the main season is over, I have been looking to hit a little winter fishing, I haven’t fished a lot through winter but have finally sprung for a good sinking line. I have a slow sink line so opted for an Airflo 40+ to get down fast at a couple of river mouths, now to just rig it to a reel. That’s another project… I need to sort my lines and reels, do the winter clean and switch out a new floating line etc. I picked up one of the Airflo SuperDri Elite for next season, now I just have to decide what line I want on what reel???


One thing the foul weather does have going for it is to help motivate me to hit the vice again, a decent tidy of the desk and sorting everything back into the appropriate containers. I have been playing with a couple of streamer patterns so been getting a few new materials to try and hosting a fly swap based on streamers (a good way to see other’s thoughts and ideas on streamers). But more on that later, I will post the results in about 5-6 weeks…


Here is  a couple of pics of some flies I have been playing with, using hollow midge tubing…


Mike flies-2 Mike flies-5 Mike flies-6


The House build is nearly ready for the roofer and I think there is likely a short delay so might just be time to hit the water and breath some fresh air soon, may even get around to wrapping the Boo guides!


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Time has gone by at a hyperbolic rate, days turning to weeks turning to months… I intended to post at the seasons opening in October, now it’s Febuary! With the ease of Face Book for throwing up random photos and a quick message or two to share the events of life with mates, it has been so easy to leave the blog in hibernation.  A good few events and outings have gone by, too many to write about here, I may get around to blogging more on a couple of memorable trips but for now just a pic or two will suffice.


The balance of my fishing and family time have collided in the greatest of ways this season… time on the water fishing with the Kids or with Mates brings a calming balance to a hectic life that would otherwise spiral to dark places! I have no set plan to post ever day but still enjoy a place to jot my thoughts to look back on from time to time… Tight Lines!

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I can’t believe how quickly this season has gone by, I have just realized it’s a little over a week before I head South on my end of season jaunt to Southland to catch up with mates and fish the Mataura hatches. I had plans to tie a few flies and get a box in order, my problem was I started the project a little too early! What was a seemingly organized fly box filled with little brown bugs is now looking a little chaotic with a miss mash of patterns and a few gaps. I doubt I will be short of flies to fish but I know I will head South with that little niggle in the back of my OCD mind…


The most reassuring part is that I always pack a tying kit with the basics for all the little brown bugs, an easy way to replace the gaps along the way after a good day on the water….



I do have the coming weekend to tie a few more flies to be over prepared as usual, a chance to chuck the gear bag together and double check nothings missing. Hmmm maybe a few more CDC flies and some wee parachutes… a few cripples and some spent spinners…

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