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I have made the next steps for the wooden rod tube… glued up, sanded and sealed… next is to cap the end with a thin hardwood ply, sand and seal them to form a complete sealed tube. Once dry and ready I will then cut about an inch & half down from one end to fit a wee brass hinge and probably a small magnet or maybe some sort of leather closer???


wooden rod tube-4

wooden rod tube

wooden rod tube-2


Plan is to try and have this done this week ready for traveling to Southland for opening, something to protect my Bamboo rod in transit to a special wee stream I have in mind!


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I finished the bamboo build and finally got a chance to fish it… I’m loving it! Matt from Iconoclast Fly Rods has built a fantastic taper… all I did was give him a few points I wanted the rod to do and he hit it on the head. The taper is faster than the demo model he sent with just the right amount of stiffness to the butt section, it’s going to be a fantastic rod on some wee Southland streams this season.

I went up the top of the lake today with my brother to fish the rod (was good timing to have a photographer on hand, thanks bro!)… first cast and I was impressed, very impressed. It presents well and feels great with a fish on, it wasn’t the biggest of fish first up but felt lively playing the fish while having the feel of power to drag in any good fish. I look forward to targeting a few willow grubbing trout this season with it!


Bamboo christened-2

Bamboo christened

Bamboo christened-3


Unintentional middle finger photo… not sure how I did this one???


I have to give a huge thanks to Matt at Iconoclast Fly rods, he has built a fantastic rod… it does exactly what I asked him for it to do. All I need now is to make the hexagonal wooden rod tube and a rod sock, got the fabric and my brother in-law is machining the timber this week, the project nears an end.

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Holiday break has given me some time to potter on the boo, I’ve fitted and glued the grip and wrapped the bamboo female ferrules on the two tip sections. I also put a first coat on the wraps to secure them before I start the guide wraps…


Bamboo build-5

Grip and Reel seat all glued up…


Bamboo build-6

About half way on the first Ferrule wrap…


Bamboo build-7

Ferrule wrap ready to coat…


Bamboo build-8

Both tip section Ferrules wrapped and first coated, drying…


Bamboo build-10

Hook keep wrapped and coated…


Will let these fully dry before I move to the next step, I have the guide spacing marked on the bench ready to start marking out and wrapping the guides.

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The reel seat arrived from the US today, I ordered a couple to save on freight… it just means I need to build another rod after this one…

Bamboo build-2

Checking out the two options I ordered…

Bamboo build-3

I chose the bamboo reel seat, it’s a bit darker in colour but looks good all the same…

Reel Seat all glued up now so no changing my mind now!!




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The guides arrived from Snake and I’m  just waiting for the reel seats to turn up so I decided to do a couple of test wraps with some silk thread to see what colour I will use. I already had an inkling to use the same olive thread I used on my Epic 476 Olive blank  but wanted to see what the darker olive looked like as well. With the boo blank being only lightly flamed, I’m still tending to the lighter olive silk…

Boo Build-2

Olive silk threads uncoated…


Matt suggested to use varnish for the wraps on the boo, I decided to get some Spar varnish as it is harder wearing and supposed to be flexible from what I read. Probably not that critical and it does cost a little more but I figured do it right first time as I want this to be the best I can build.


Boo Build-4

Spar varnish and snake guides…


As I was bringing the components in form overseas I have enough for two builds… just not sure what the next project will be???


Boo Build-5

Wraps with one coat of Spar varnish…


Pretty happy with the lighter olive colour on the boo blank, just need to see the reel seats when they arrive to make the final decision… who am I kidding, it’s the light olive all the way!


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I had my last day working for ITM yesterday, having a couple of days off before I start up the new business April 1st… after 8 years in the retail side of construction, I’m heading back to the tools doing design and build projects. It’s been quite exciting setting up the new home office, feels like progress is happening, even better I have a house to build already!

Today I took a quiet afternoon to put the first coat on the wraps of my Epic build… I kept the wraps simple no trim bands just plain, I wanted a fun fishing tool so no need to make art out of it. I tested a couple of different olive threads Carl sent down and to my surprise I liked the lighter one. You definitely have to put a coat on the test wrap before deciding as the colour changes when wet down… fortunately, Carl had pre-warned me how dark the darker olive turned coated.

Mikes Epic-20 Mikes Epic-19


No shots of the coated thread but it pretty much goes the same colour as the blank when coated…

Mikes Epic-22

I have also received my Bamboo blank from Matt from Iconoclast Flyrods… the colour came out perfect! Lightly flamed to give it a really nice caramel colour. I took a chance today to whip it out the tube and get my shopping list all noted up… guides and reel seats.  Now I have seen the colour in the sunlight, I’m going online to try and pick a thread colour… must do a couple of test wraps before I finally decide also.


So it looks like I will have the Epic ready to travel with me at the end of April but I think the boo will be a winter project…



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Matt is working on the finishing touches for the second tip section currently but posted these pics of the tip fitted with the ferrule to the butt section…



Busy time ahead building rods I think… now what thread and reel seat to use????

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